CIMS was established in 2007 by Jackie Bettington to energise, inspire and assist organisations with realising more value from their information and knowledge assets. We offer consulting, auditing, training and coaching services in information, records and archives management. CIMS has also developed a suite of online tools, RIMDoctor.com.au, to assess the current records management capability of organisations against ISO 15489 Records Management and to identify remedies needed to address any performance gaps. Our services include:
  • Archival management;
  • Audits, health checks and evaluations;
  • Business process analysis and workflows;
  • Change management;
  • Compliance and performance management;
  • Digital recordkeeping and preservation;
  • Information governance frameworks, policies, strategies and plans;
  • Metadata standards, schemes and mappings;
  • Project management;
  • Records system specifications and tendering;
  • Retention and disposal authorities;
  • Risk management;
  • Security and access models, schemes and processes;
  • Taxonomies, classification schemes, file plans and thesauri;
  • Training programs and courses; and
  • Vital records protection and business continuity management.

We have a strong reputation for delivering timely, high quality and practical services. The vast majority of our clients (95%) have re-engaged us to do further work. Our clients cover all sectors and a diverse range of industries.

We view technology as an enabler and pride ourselves in our independence and integrity.  We have a strong understanding of systems but we are not aligned with any third parties or specific products. We only recommend what is best for your organisation. We do not receive any royalties, commissions or other incentives.

We support and apply national and international standards to our services. We also recognise that each organisation has unique qualities, business drivers andregulatory frameworks. We do not adopt a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach. We offer customised services that are relevant, practical and suitable for each organisation. We seek to add value to your business through effective information and process management.

We are recognised as industry leaders and actively contribute and lead developments within the records and information management sector. This work is achieved through our active participation in the Australian Society of Archivists, Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia, the International Council on Archives, and Standards Australia's IT-21 Committee on Records Management.

International Congress on Archives, Brisbane, Australia, 20 - 25 August 2012

The challenges and changes that archivists and information management professionals face are based on the need to manage, preserve and make accessible our collections be they paper, film, audio visual or digital formats. Join us in Brisbane in 2012 for a congress program that is focused, innovative and interactive.

The congress will examine our ‘climate of change’ through the themes:


  • Sustainability: Archives recognising archival and information management challenges and working together on strategies to ensure access, preservation, security, and longevity of evidence and information.
  • Trust: Archives supporting good governance and accountability, advocating ethical and professional processes, developing standards and gaining international acceptance.
  • Identity: Archives helping the community to connect with their heritage, discover their individual stories and protect their rights; strengthening the value, impact and influence of archivists and information managers.

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Training Calendar 2012

Our 2012 training calendar, course descriptions and registration forms are now available here.

For State Records New South Wales we deliver Managing Digital Records: An Introduction. To find out more and to access our online registration for this course click here.

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The Australian Society of Archivists Inc. has created ArchivesLive! to promote and facilitate communication across the sector.

This is a professional networking site that is virbant and growing fast with members drawn from all over the world. It covers many topics including Indigenous recordkeeping, digital recordkeeping, digital preservation, collecting archives, school archives and religious archvies. It is also a forum for learning about and debating hot issues such as WikiLeaks, access to records and information and the role of recordkeepers in the Web 2.0 world.


Current listings of employment and training opportunities as well as events to be held in Australia and internationally are also available. ArchivesLive! is open to anyone interested in archives, records and information managementTo find out more or to join click here.

To read Jackie Bettington's blog on ArchivesLive! click here.

Online Consulting & Assessment Services

RIM Doctor, our online records and information assessment service, provides many clients without ready and affordable access to face-to-face consultants an opportunity to gain professional insights and advice on how they may better leverage their information assets to achieve improved business performance and compliance.

The RIM Doctor is a suite of online assessments of records and information management (RIM) practices suitable for any organisation anywhere.


As a hosted service there is no need to download any software to use the tools.

Although simple to use the tools are of premium quality because they have been developed by leading RIM professionals.The tools provide a simple and accessible service with a quick turn around time that delivers a high quality report and advice on how to implement improvements.

The RIM Doctor has an extensive range of tools for assessing your organisation's records and information management practices. A full or basic audit or assessment of an organisation's practices against ISO 15489 Records Management may be completed. Alternatively, you may prefer to conduct an audit or assessment focused on key areas such as policies, training, systems, classification or governance.

In addition to the standards-based tools the RIM Capability Profiler (to be released in June 2009) enables you to assess the business performance of your records management program to see how well it is serving your business and stakeholders.

To find out more and try some of free services visit www.rimdoctor.com.au

Keeping Archives, 3rd edition

Bettington, J., Eberhard,E., Loo, R. and Smith, C.(eds.) 2008, Keeping Archives, 3rd edition,

Australian Society of Archivists Inc., Canberra.

ISBN: 9780980335248.

To find out more and to order a copy go to: www.keepingarchives.com.au or email: office@archivists.org.au or phone: +61 7 3221 4887.

For the UK and Europe go to: http://www.archives.org.uk or email: ara@archives.org.uk or phone +44 1823327077.


Keeping Archives is a practical guide which addresses the real-life challenges of working with archival records, acknowledging the theoretical frameworks for this work. It provides information, guidance and skills to professionally manage legacy collections and backlogs while also facing the challenge of working proactively across the records continuum.

Richly illustrated, packed with practical examples and tools, Keeping Archives is the most comprehensive and popular guide to establishing, managing and developing archives. Written by professional archivists and conservators this authoritative text is theoretically robust but accessible to all. It is the essential guide for anyone embarking on a career in archives and for those navigating the diversity of archival conundrums, big or small

This third edition builds on the experience of its two previous editions and extends its content to include advice on managing digital archives and leveraging technology for preservation, access and educational purposes. It also includes a CD containing templates, samples, checklist and other resources fundamental to any archives.

With over 20 individual experts contributing to Keeping Archives, the book contains a wealth of advice and ideas for novice and professional archivists and recordkeepers.

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